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From an young age, I have been curious about photography and I have always loved exploring shapes, reflections and details in my life through the camera lens.

In 2007 I graduated in Cinema / Cinematography in Lisbon, Portugal. I followed my studies with an internship at EPC, a camera rental house in Lisbon, which allowed me to expand and learn more about technical camera details.


Since then I have had the pleasure to work with many AC's and DoP's in both commercials and feature films throughout Portugal and abroad and I have risen in the industry as a Focus Puller.


I am organised and I can easily communicate with and adapt to different people and cultures. I truly embrace every new project as an opportunity to grow and improve my skills.




 Camera Skills 

Arri Alexa 35 | Alexa Mini LF | Alexa LF | SXT | XR | Amira | Alexa M 
Arrricam LT | Arriflex 435 Xtreme | Arriflex 235 | Arriflex 416 | Arriflex SR 3

Sony Venice | Sony F 65 | Sony F 55 | Sony A 7S | Sony A 7R | F 900 | Fx9
Panavision Panaflex 
Red One | Epic Dragon | Monstro 8K | Scarlet Mysterium X | Komodo
Panasonic AG AF 101 E

Blackmagic Ursa Mini | Pocket 4K | Pocket 6K 
Canon C 100 | C 300 | 5 D | 7 D


Portuguese (native speaker)



French (limited work proficiency)

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